What Are The Precautionary Measures To Take After A Muscle Strain?

What Are The Precautionary Measures To Take After A Muscle Strain?

20 April, 2017

There are chances for you to catch a muscle slit or muscle pull when you exert yourself on the playing field or while doing exercises. If you are caught up with a muscle strain situation, then you need to immediately stop the activity that you were doing and manage the suffering that you are undergoing at that time. As it would take you some time to seek professional advice on what has to be done for such an injury, you can do the following tips mentioned here.

Rest is very important
The first thing that you need to do is to give the damaged muscle complete rest. Stop the activity that you were doing and take active rest. You should never indulge doing anything that might cause soreness and ache to come back. If there is an best ankle ligament tear, then you should try not to aggravate it by moving around and straining the muscle. It should be given a complete rest for two to three days. Then slowly start to move in order to prevent other complications from coming out. If you are not able to move, then immediately seek the advice of a physiotherapist or a medical practitioner.

Treat the affected area with ice
It is vital that you give the affected area some ice treatment. It is preferred to give ice pack treatment on the aching area for two to three days initially. Never try and heating method as it will only aggravate the injury. As ice is applied on the affected area, the heat from the injured area will come out. Ice will help in reducing the inflammation of the muscle and will also reduce the aching that you are going through.

Support the area with a bandage
• Applying a bandage around the injured area or using an elastic support will help in controlling the swelling and the bleeding.
• It will help in reducing the ache that you are undergoing and also offer the necessary support for the muscle slit.
• If the swelling or the ache does not subside, then it might need more support in the form of strapping tape or brace as advised by the doctor.

Seeking prompt professional treatment
It is better to seek help and advice from a medical practitioner in order to assess the damage to your muscles. There might be a problem with the soft tissues on your toe and if the issue is complicated, then you might need to undergo a bunion surgery. By seeking proper treatment you would be able to get rid of the niggling ache quickly, get back into action quickly and also strengthen or loosen the injured area with the right treatment and exercises.