Most Famous Cooking Methods

Most Famous Cooking Methods

7 June, 2017

Cooking is a great art. While some people love spending hours and hours in the kitchen exploring this art, some simply depend on getting food externally. But those who have passion to cook will explore more and more methods to bring delicious and attractive dishes to the table.
The main two cooking methods are dry and wet cooking. Dry methods consist of baking, frying, broiling, grilling, roasting and microwaving. Wet methods include blanching, boiling, poaching, clay pot cooking, stewing, steaming, simmering, pressure cooking etc. The taste of the food mainly depends on the method of cooking rather than the ingredients being used.

Why should we learn cooking?
Cooking is a great art and also a science. Any type of cooking has great potential. For example baking artistic cupcakes makes it very special for an occasion like a birthday party. Or cooking delicious main courses become the key element for a family meal or a family or social gathering. Besides, leaning professional cooking will enhance career opportunities which can eventually make you a great chef.

Besides, cooking can help you to find funds to support your family. When any kind of academic knowledge fails to give you a job opportunity, cooking can help you in great deal.

There are many institutes that provide cooking class. However, a professional institute will have trainers who are able to unleash the abilities of any learner through introducing different interesting methods. One of such concept is called the mystery box, where students are supposed to be receiving a mystery ingredient box and they have to prepare a dish using these ingredients within a given time. There are many other interesting competitions such as top chef challenge, amazing chef race, fear factor etc. students are challenged with these competitions to bring their best. The fear factor exercise is to make students bold whereby a live seafood is presented to them to prepare some creative gourmet dish out of it within given time. All these team building exercises are introduced to students to encourage to bring out their potentials to face and stay on top of the challenges of the culinary world.

Multi-purpose venue for any event:
Any occasion involve food. However champion may be you are in terms of cooking, it is difficult to manage when you have an event of your own; as your attention and time is required for many other activities. However, it is your best intention to serve the tastiest food for your guests and this can be an added stress to you. But when you know there is a place where you have trusted gourmet chefs who can grace the occasion with variety of food items. Also their event planners can guide you and give you the best advice according to your budget. So don’t be stressed! The solution is to consult such place where there’s a finest team building venue in Singapore available along with planners and experienced chefs who will be able to help you plan any kind of occasion be it personal or corporate.

Especially for corporate events, there is facility to book the venue, where enjoyment and successful interaction among guest, clients or staff is guaranteed.