Making Better Use Of Cardboard

Making Better Use Of Cardboard

8 June, 2017

We hear about reducing, reusing and recycling very often. Even if this is mainly directed at non-bio degradable items, there are ways we can incorporate this concept in various day to day activities. Many items that we use daily can be reused or can be put into better use. Sometimes all you need to do is be a bit creative. One such item we could reuse are cardboard. Reducing cardboard would indirectly lessen the manufacturing process of cardboard. You will be indirectly helping with the number of trees that are cut down in the process of paper production. If you are not sure as to how you can make better use of your cardboard waste, the following tips and methods will help you.

If you have an upcoming event coming or if you just want to name the items on your cupboard, cardboard can come in handy to make nameboards, placards and outdoor signages in Singapore. Cardboards come in various thicknesses. The ideal cardboards that you will find most appropriate to make placards is the ones with a lesser thickness. These boards are usually east to cut using a normal pair of scissors. You can find these types of cardboard in milk boxes or cereal boxes.

Play Area
Do you have problem where your toddler keeps writing and drawing on the floor? Then a big cardboard box could come in handy as you can convert it to a play area. You can find these paper boxes when you purchase items such as refrigerators or televisions. You can take this box and cut it into half depending on the box size. Your toddler will love it as it will be a play area for them. If you are very creative and has some time in hand, you can convert your box into a play house. Your kids will love it and even after years, they will remember their box playhouse.

Cardboard boxes are excellent storage items. If you have kids at home you can store their toys in these boxes. You can even use it to collect dirty laundry or even litter. Most cardboard boxes are bendable. If you have no other use of it, you can bend it flat and store it behind a cupboard to use if you have a need.

The above ways and methods will help you clean up, make better use of your space and even earn some extra money. Not just cardboard, if you look around you, there are many ways you can reuse almost everything around you. When it comes to paper, remember that the more you reuse and the more you be a little bit creative, less trees will be cut down. Therefore, you are indirectly saving the planet for the future.