4 Simple Methods To Host A Fundraiser

4 Simple Methods To Host A Fundraiser

15 August, 2017

Charities, non profits and other clubs and groups in a community need to raise funds in order to provide for the cause they are interested in. In order to effectively raise money, you must fully understand what you are fundraising for so it is important to take some time to sit down with your team to discuss the needs of the fundraiser and the budget it requires. This article will help you figure out the various methods in which you can fundraise.

Understand the various methods

A fundraiser is a gathering or an event that is intended to raise funds for a cause or a project of a not for profit organization. At these events the revenue typically is generated through ticket sales and sometimes through corporate sponsorships. Charities nowadays have chosen EDM marketing tactics to market events through social media sites as these are usually free or done at a very low cost. Using cost effective strategies will ensure that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time organizing a successful fundraiser.

House party

One of the tried and tested methods of fundraising is organizing a house party. This is an event that is held at the home of someone close to your charity group. This type of fundraising event requires minimal promotional activities such as EDM email in Singapore or campaigning as the host usually invites guests and contacts whom they believe will be interested in taking part in the project. It is usually a small and intimate event and invitations are given out to a limited number of people.

Restaurant fundraiser

Most restaurants have fundraising projects held at their premises so that charities and other non profits can receive a set percentage of the sales on that designated day. These projects are most popular amongst the larger restaurant chains, however smaller establishments seem to be picking up on the trend too. Talk to the restaurants in your locality to find out what their rules and guidelines are in hosting such a fundraiser and get the word out on confirmation.

Fairs and booths

A craft fair or a market is another inexpensive and effective method of holding a fundraising event. The process is simple as you have only to rent out a stall or table booth as a vendor to display or sell any products that you might want to sell. You can also hand out leaflets at the fair as a way of creating awareness of your organization and a certain percentage of the sale of your products are used as donations for the cause.