Natural Way To Keep Insects Away From Your Home

Natural Way To Keep Insects Away From Your Home

13 December, 2017

The world is full with maximum good and minimum bad factors. The same thing is applicable on insects. Few of them getting harm to human or different household materials, but maximum insects are beneficial to the environment especially when they are at their own natural habitat. Different insects like ants, moths are known as the harmful insects to human and this is the reason all most all are want to get rid of them while they are inside the home.

A number of repellents are available in the market those have a huge side effect to human health also. According to experts, most of them are working as slow poison and gradually hamper different internal organs and make them slow. According to environmentalists, using such high grade chemicals has a different side effect on human health and on the environment as well, so they have suggested to go on a natural way to make your home free from such unwanted guests.

How to guard your home with natural way?

In nature, there a number of aromatic herbs are available those are smelling lovely along with that, the insects will stay as far away from these herbs as they don’t feel well with the smell these herbs release. If you will apply them, you don’t have to call in cockroach control services to get rid of them.

If you don’t have proper idea which herb to use for which insect, get assistance from any professional and he will suggest you to choose the right one from thousands of different herbs. It is true that, herbs are known as the easiest plant to grow as they don’t need much care so in order to make your home permanently free from insects without any side effect from the artificial repellents, growing such herb’s garden is a good idea. As they need little care, no one will mind to grow them and one thing is to keep in mind that, your kitchen also using a number of herbs those are can be easily made your home insect free.

  • Lemon juice

Ants are known as the most common home invaders and they won’t hesitate to go any extend to attack on sweet materials. In order to keep them away, spray lemon juice or vinegar round to the sweet materials will surely make these things free from such unwanted invaders.

  • Mints

Apart from lemon juice, mint also another powerful repellent that will effectively keep the ants away without any side effects. You can spread some leaves around the affected area where and can plant some indoor will keep them away. Also, it will increase your home’s aesthetic value that will easily attract onlooker’s attention. Making your home moisture free will effectively work for pest control and you don’t need to use harmful repellents.