5 Ways To Use Corporate Videos For An Organisation

5 Ways To Use Corporate Videos For An Organisation

18 December, 2017

Videography has become an imperative communication mix in business and brands. Creating videos is easy if you find yourself the right videographer. Usage of videos has increased in the corporate world and continues to rise. Corporate videos are used for branding, advertising, presentations, corporate communications and customer services. They are even used for training purposes as a tool as trainees so that they will speak up and voice their opinions and thoughts. The best corporate videos informs the audience very well by communicating their message very clearly and therefore the audience engages.


Branding videos have become very common today in the business world. However, it is difficult to justify is it is successful. Corporate videography Singapore should be able to project the brand in such a way that the target audience will engage as well. Using a different perspective will be a good way to attract the target audience. Have some creative people working with the videography team to bring out the best branding video possible.


Using videos for recruitment is very effective. Using commercial videography technique create a video that will bring out the culture and personality of the organisation. You can have someone talk about their day at the work place or create a video with some music in the background just showing a usual day.


If there are complicated issues that you need to voice or get across to your audience you can use issue videos. For example, regardless of all your feelings towards tobacco, the tobacco industry faces major issues regarding tobacco – illegal smuggling or counterfeit tobacco. The health department will come up with videos that urge you to stop smoking and even go to the extent of showing you what happens to your lungs.


When the organisation’s reputation is at stake, you can use a reputation video to show the community and public that the company will take necessary actions and precautions to prevent any mistakes happening again. A single video is not enough. You have to continue to release videos until the issue has been rectified.


Sustainability and the company’s impact has become important to organisations. Companies are looking for ways to reduce their impact to the environment by coming up green plans for the future and setting targets. An example of the sustainable plan is the implemented plan by Unilever called “Unilever’s 5 levers for change initiative”.

 YouTube has always been a channel to publish different types of corporate videos. Posting videos on social networks such as Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn will ensure you get some sort of engagement. Let’s not forget to incorporate videos on to the company’s website too.

 Choose the right type of videos for your organisation and you will be able to get the engagement you need.